Childhood cancer

The Rescue Trip

Our expedition to bring Ukrainian children with cancer and their families to Switzerland We're speeding down the road through the Polish countryside in a taxi. It is taking us to a hotel that has been turned into a make-shift clinic by St. Jude Global to triage Ukrainian children with cancer who have just made it… Continue reading The Rescue Trip

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The Red Dress Incident

Of all the various places we've visited and incidents we've been involved in during our many Girl's Trips, none is more infamous that the Red Dress Inciden


Wales, a fun gwyliau !

Gwyliau mewn Gymru I wish we had had more time to explore Wales. It's one of those "have to go back" places. Also and more importantly, their flag has a red dragon on it. You can imagine it in the sky above the brooding dark Welsh countryside, its red wings glinting in the sun. Cool… Continue reading Wales, a fun gwyliau !