Cast of characters

Nicole : That’s me. I once read an article about how women, when asked how to describe themselves in one word, would choose their role within their family, whereas men would choose their career. I think the point of the article was that both are wrong. So, avoiding words describing relationships and work, I would say I am a list-maker. This should in no way be read to imply that I am a list-finisher.

Mother to Jesse, Daniel, and Elliot. Writer, blogger, childhood cancer advocate. Canadian, living in Switzerland.

Slightly obsessed with a futile attempt at keeping walls white.

Martin: The husband.

Father of Elliot and Step-Father of Jesse and Daniel.

Danish. The nationality, not the food.

Hates when people steal his socks.

Has a recipe repertoire of three items: chili, leftover chili on pasta (which he creatively names Italian Texas Pot), and leftover chili on rice (which is called Mexican Texas pot). Often claims to be tired despite getting at least 3 hours uninterrupted sleep. Obviously a bit of a complainer. The best in this home at things like math, internet issues, putting gas in the cars, and noticing when we’re out of toilet paper.

Always looks exactly the same in every photo. Has never been to Texas. Owns the best socks.

Jesse:  Responsible young adult. The word “responsible” is used loosely. Has a tattoo on his arm of a tree. Used to have a lip ring so let’s not say anything, it could be worse. Has an extremely successful career in parkour, the art of movement, also known as free running. If you don’t know what that is, check out this website. Never has any money. Feels that the fact that he never has any money is somewhat unfair. Expert debater since the age of 4 when he declared he should not be required to choose meals off the kids’ menu at the restaurant, as that was a form of prejudice.

Eats constantly. Does not sit or use furniture in any normal fashion. Kind of not living with us anymore. Strangely here often despite this. Jesse is generally a person people notice. He’s tall and does backflips randomly and things tend to get broken around him. You know those coffee cards, where after the 10th purchase you get one free? I should ask the hospital to make those for emergency visits.

Daniel: Also responsible young adult, three years younger than Jesse. Daniel is more the quiet type… Which means you never know what he could be plotting. Whereas Jesse cannot lie because you can see it in his body language right away, Daniel is an expert secret keeper.

Also great at Parkour. When he was in high school, he excelled at keeping his notes exactly at the passing level and not one iota more. Was what every teacher called an “underachiever.”  This, according to the teachers, meant he could do much better but didn’t because he didn’t feel like it. We all agreed on this, including Daniel, which did not seem to mean anything needed to change. Possibly the fact that I also had this description as a teenager makes me feel he has to figure it out on his own.

Also eats all the time. Sock thief.

Elliot:  Lego maniac. Repeater of questions. Voracious eater of strawberry ice cream. Currently attending junior high school. Knows everything. Apparently does all the hard work around the house, like putting lego away. Cancer hero. In cahoots with Jesse and Daniel to slowly change the colour of my white walls to a pale grey handprint design.

Also eats all the time. Is the only child at school, possibly in the world, who cannot watch tv at breakfast. Has a tendency to catastrophize. Urgently needs more lego. Is very cute, especially when asleep.

3 thoughts on “Cast of characters”

  1. I’ve known you since childhood (with a few “lost years” thrown in) and I’ve NEVER seen you as an “underachiever” I use the descriptors: kind, generous, compationate and a practical problem-solver. Remember the time when we were 11 (Grade 5) and at the end of recess, before going back into class, you helped me “fall” into a puddle to camouflage a more embarrassing wet mark on my pants? I would have been teased relentlessly had you not been a practical problem-solver and a dear friend.

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