The setting

I moved to Switzerland from Canada with Jesse and Daniel when they were only 6 and 9 years old. A single mom off on an incredible adventure with her kids. We travelled everywhere, explored and had tons of fun. When Martin came into the picture our lives got even funner since we didn’t have to fear running out of gas in the car anymore, and the internet was upgraded to ultra mega super duper fast.

Then Elliot made his arrival and added that extra element of fun that a little kid creates. He’s exceedingly cute, speaks three languages, is a cancer-hero, and a lego-pro.

Earlier this year we moved into our new home in a small town in Switzerland on the shores of the lake of Geneva. Since we’ve only been here a few months, the walls are still white.  Except for six spots in the front entrance, one in the kitchen, and three near the sofa. I don’t even want to look in the kids’ rooms.

We have a three bedroom apartment. We have three kids. You do the math. If we only had a cupboard under the stairs we could put Jesse there.

We do have a surprisingly spectacular view of the lake and the alps. Love Switzerland. Love living in Europe. Jesse, Daniel and I have applied to get Swiss citizenship. We’ll see if they laugh us out of the country.


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