Childhood cancer

The Rescue Trip

Our expedition to bring Ukrainian children with cancer and their families to Switzerland We're speeding down the road through the Polish countryside in a taxi. It is taking us to a hotel that has been turned into a make-shift clinic by St. Jude Global to triage Ukrainian children with cancer who have just made it… Continue reading The Rescue Trip

Childhood cancer, Parenting

A Crazy Day

One of the funny things that has come out of my writing so much recently is that my husband has started to see how I see the world. Last Monday we had such a crazy day that he said at least on five separate occasions: "Oh you have to write about THAT!" And it was… Continue reading A Crazy Day

Childhood cancer

A Day on the Chemo Ward, fourth and final part

  So I'm sitting here in the chemo ward and starting to feel slightly depressed at the memory of the night Dr. Latour and Dr. Nelson gave us The Diagnosis. There doesn't seem to be any new kid coming, and I can't just sit here for the next three hours remaining of toxic chemicals being administered… Continue reading A Day on the Chemo Ward, fourth and final part