Conversation with my husband

He is sitting at the kitchen table hunched over his laptop computer, in a position that makes me want to tell him to sit up straight. I am on the couch, sitting cross-legged, laptop on my lap, possibly in a similarly posture-wrecking position. I’ve been writing on and off for the last while, browsing the… Continue reading Conversation with my husband


Keeping the love alive.

Martin and I have recently gone through the 7 year itch phase. Oh don’t worry, nothing actually happened. We hardly got itchy at all. Barely a tickle. We just kind of noticed that we had been together more than 7 years, in fact, in a few months we’ll be at the 9 year mark, which… Continue reading Keeping the love alive.

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Our First Date

  Martin and I like to look back on our “first date” with fond memories. The funny thing is, when we started comparing how the date and the lead up to it went, we had quite different versions of the same story. So, here, in all its glory, is the story of our first date,… Continue reading Our First Date