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How I got to Switzerland… Part One !

Wrote this a while ago, about my experience moving to Switzerland 12 years ago.  Thought it was worth posting it here as it sums up  the whole "how I got here" part of my story! When people ask me why I left my comfortable life in Canada to move to Switzerland, they usually are hoping… Continue reading How I got to Switzerland… Part One !

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Have you been Swissified yet?

Cultural identity of expats in Switzerland - just who are we anyway?   The whole Save WRS radio station issue has got me thinking a lot about cultural identity in an expat world. I signed the petition because I want to save the radio station, which is Switzerland's only publicly-funded English language station and could… Continue reading Have you been Swissified yet?

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The Road to Nowhere

  The Road to Nowhere... ...My morning drive to work along the A1. The alarm clock rings, and the stress begins. Kids must be woken, fed, chased with a toothbrush, dressed in something reasonably unwrinkled, and forced out the door. I need to shower, choose clothes that looks half decent and matches the weather forecast (sunny and… Continue reading The Road to Nowhere