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Becoming Swiss

  Years ago, I started writing about moving to Switzerland. My articles were surprisingly wildly popular, not just with the local expat community but with people back home who were interested in experiencing such a dramatic change in life vicariously from the comfort of their cozy homes. Twelve years went by in the blink of… Continue reading Becoming Swiss

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Amazing Family Dinner-Time Conversations

7:00 p.m. Dinner table. Elliot, age 8, on my left. Daniel, age 19, on my right. Martin, AKA Hubby, across from me. Supper tonight was a family favorite: steaks smothered in tomato and olive sauce served with pasta. After supper, we stay sitting around the table and chat for a while. Which is nice, right?… Continue reading Amazing Family Dinner-Time Conversations

Expat Life, SwissNic

How I Got to Switzerland… Part 4!

PART FOUR, Can I fit in? So apparently not. I am not dressed right. I can tell by the way I have suddenly become invisible. In Canada, the t-shirt and jeans I am now wearing seem to work for me. Dressing up would involve changing the strappy sandals to slight heels and some lipstick. But… Continue reading How I Got to Switzerland… Part 4!