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My Own Little Marathon of Hope

And so the day has come… Yes, you probably knew it would, but it is still a shock to me… So here it is.. I have signed up to participate in… a marathon ! ACK!!! I know what you are thinking… Nicole, you do realize this involves… well exercise??? Yes I do. Nicole, you repeat (I… Continue reading My Own Little Marathon of Hope

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A Week on the Roller Coaster

I have so little free time these days that I have started writing several times, and not had time to finish. So here are a few tidbits from the past week, a glimpse into my life as a cancer-mom, written on the run as I juggle parenting three kids, working, spending time with my out… Continue reading A Week on the Roller Coaster

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The Road to Nowhere

  The Road to Nowhere... ...My morning drive to work along the A1. The alarm clock rings, and the stress begins. Kids must be woken, fed, chased with a toothbrush, dressed in something reasonably unwrinkled, and forced out the door. I need to shower, choose clothes that looks half decent and matches the weather forecast (sunny and… Continue reading The Road to Nowhere