family conversations

Amazing Family Dinner-Time Conversations

7:00 p.m. Dinner table. Elliot, age 8, on my left. Daniel, age 19, on my right. Martin, AKA Hubby, across from me. Supper tonight was a family favorite: steaks smothered in tomato and olive sauce served with pasta. After supper, we stay sitting around the table and chat for a while. Which is nice, right?… Continue reading Amazing Family Dinner-Time Conversations


Kids, Vacation, and the Good Old days

Ok so here is my message in a bottle question, I am writing it down on this little scrap of laptop and tossing out into the ocean of internet. What's a mom to do? My teenage son did not want to come on vacation with us. Should I have insisted? The photo above is from… Continue reading Kids, Vacation, and the Good Old days